Quick Introduction

10 years ago I plunged down a rabbit hole that has led me to find out what is keeping so many Artists and Creators from their paradise. I’ve uncovered these answers through a decade of personal trial and error, 4 years of coaching and consulting 100’s of Artists and Creators of all level and experience, and being fortunate to serve 1,000’s of incredible people just like you.

In early 2005 I launched my content business and started down a long and winding journey that would eventually lead me to my place in the world, doing what I love, on my own terms.

In addition to writing and recording songs, I’ve learned how much I love helping you write your very own success story too. It’s extremely fulfilling and something I enjoy almost equally as well.

Today, I write and produce the music I enjoy making, embark upon the projects I choose worth taking, and have the phonemail privilege to work with the coolest people on the planet during what some people call a work day.

I proudly serve thousands of modern artists and creators all over the globe.

Now i call the shots, and get to enjoy helping my favorite folk create their very own version of paradise. Their heaven on earth.

I’ve created a blueprint that will save you from the pain i’ve had to endure to create it for you.

Get The Music Marketing System, Gratis!

I get to sling songs + help write success stories for people like you, all across our global culture throughout these here inter-webs.

I’m just a regular guy, blessed to have my perfect dream job-creating my Art and Music and also getting to serve so many amazing Artists and Creators all across the planet.

If you are an Artist and/or Creator who would like to learn how to take your career, your income, your fanbase, or your lifestyle to the next level, then you are in the right place.

It’s my job to equip you with the tactical and strategic-tool and skills training you need to launch or grow your Artistic Career into a sustainable, uncompromising, full-time income.

Many in our community are already making a full-time living and just need better systems, organization, strategic guidance and direction, or simply a step-by-step plan with accountability.

Some most benefit from the step-by-step training, missions, and total support.

Regardless of your level and experience, if you are an Artist or Creator in the Modern World, here you will find the most current, proven, and working blueprints to advance and grow your career, the insight and training to show you what to do, and a supportive community environment to help you connect the dots.

There is a whole lot of stuff that i’d love to share with you, but my primary objective is to provide you the content and support to help you earn a full-time income doing what you love, on your terms.

If you have any questions or comments, complaints or suggestions, don’t be a stranger…

Leave me your question at support (at) jamieleger (dot) com and i’ll do my best to reply within a reasonable time. Sometimes I get swamped though, so it doesn’t hurt to resend them if you don’t hear back. icon wink Content Marketing Strategy | Artist Career Development | Artist Marketing Strategy

I offer you a gift that will help you progress and further learn how to leverage the tools of the modern creator, and build a greater database to distribute your content to, and grow your career with.

Get The Music Marketing System, Gratis!