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Welcome to Modern Music Marketing, Artist Development, & Music Business Training FOR Artists and Musicians.


I will show you how to take your music career to the next level in the new music industry.

Hi I’m Jamie Leger, (AKA The Music Business Architect) I help Independent Artists and Musicians build a loyal fan base, a full-time career, and spend more time doing what they love-on their own terms.

I will teach you how to grow your fan base and music career more effectively than a major label would, or could, using what you’ve already got.


Let me give you a guided tour, and start to equip you with the tools and techniques you need to slay the dragon, get the girl, and save the day.


Choose your own adventure for how you’d like to proceed.

The super short story…

I’m a full-time artist, doing what I love, on my own terms. (writing and performing my own music, as well as coaching, consulting, helping grow Independent Musicians Careers as the CEO of Artists Academy)

It took a while. It was really pretty hard, for quite a long time…

But eventually I developed the skills, mindsets, strategies, and learned how to really utilize the toolset available to artists in the modern world.

Then it got better. Much better.

Nothing I create, teach, promote, will ever say, has any resonance with any sort of special trick, tool, magic button, or anything other than good ol’ fashioned commitment, hard work, and follow through… But we’ve learned that there are scientific, predictable, certain factors for achieving the exact lifestyle and music career that you want, and are willing to do the work to create.

What I offer and what our community is about, centrally focuses and remains committed to empowering talented, committed artists & musicians like you-with the proven pathways, the direct and most effective routes, music business training, career tools and strategies that are working now, on the front lines by Artists making it happen every day.

Our mission is to ensure all artists willing to bet on themselves, have what they need to create their musical paradise and live in it full-time, on their own terms.

This is the Artists Revolution and it is how we, the people,  the CREATORS finally realized total freedom and creative control doing the work we love, in need of NOTHING or NOONE other than a group of fans/patrons that support you doing it. The traditional music business evolved into the modern music business, and set the stage for today. The Artists Revolution is the shift of power we’re seeing fall back into the hands of the independent artists and their communities, as opposed to the gatekeepers and middle-men who once controlled access and airplay and the majority stake in OUR world… The Music industry.

The movement we’re proud to contribute to is the one where the Artists and Musicians sorted out the music industry by realizing the only other person they need in the modern world is their FANS. We are witnessing the cultural reshaping of our musical landscape via grassroots, direct-to-fan communication & an incredibly vibrant new industry marketplace producing a slew of increasingly amazing tools that make that connection more engaging, fun, global, transparent, & exciting for everyone involved.

But in the now infamous words of the Notorious B.I.G…

“There’s rules to this sh%t, i wrote me a manual…”

Well, I’ve created a blueprint for independent artists and musicians ready to take their music career to the next level.

The entire system is built around 10 Rules, 10 Skills, and 10 Steps to your Music Business Liberation.

Though simple in nature, this blueprint has taken over a decade to create and distill down. So listen close, and let me school you to the Rules of the New Game; help you avoid many of the mistakes me and my clients have already made for you, and show you proven pathways for how to build a thriving long term career-on your own terms, as a Musician in the modern music business.

Get proven strategies, actionable tactics, avoid the pitfalls and creative growth traps, begin to develop your entrepreneurial skill-set, evolve your career strategy, grow your fan base, and leverage technology to spend more time on your Main Moves!

Music Business Toolkit

If you are ready to Step Your Game Up as an Artist or Musician…


I will show you how to take your music career to the next level in the modern music business.

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