Finished Is BETTER Than Perfect

“Lifes a dance, you learn as you go” Recording, like any process that is both technical and creative, is a state-of-mind thing. Any single aspect of the process has the capability of being either a launch-ing pad or a stumbling block to better records. Experience brings a sense of pro- portion and circumspect “big picture” […]

Recording Preparation and Studio Organization

It is really important to have an organized studio. Set aside a day for this, and it will save you weeks in the coming year, not to mention immeasurable inspiration killing frustration. You need to make it easy for yourself to be creative, and hard for yourself to get distracted. Recording Preparation and Studio Organization […]

Pre Mastering Tips

Mastering is a completely, completely different animal, and I’m not sure how much I have to contribute to a general discussion of mastering other than to say don’t master your own mixes. If they don’t sound right, fix the mix. There is nothing that a home recordist can do in the way of self-mastering that […]

What is Wrong With American Idol?

Guest Post: Bob Baker It’s one of the most popular TV shows of recent years, drawing tens of millions of viewers every week. Even I admit, American Idol is fun to watch. The show provides all the elements of good pop culture entertainment: passion, emotion, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, dreams attained […]

Acoustic Treatment and Design Resource

Acoustic treatment is an art and a science. Their is much ground to cover once we meander a bit deeper than the basics of treating your home or project recording studio to record a decent vocal take, or isolate an acoustic guitar. From diffusors to absorbers and bass traps to room modes, there are few […]

Keep Your Mind on Your Goals

One of the hardest parts of working online AS WELL AS being a singer songwriter producer in the new music business is the management of all the moving pieces, multiple hats, and thus multiplied responsibilities… Update your social media properties, post to your blog regularly, keep all the music hosting channels up to date, work […]

How Audio Compression Works

So how does a compressor actually work? I’m going to start out by talking about a conventional four-control compressor, which is pretty much the norm. The four standard controls are THRESHOLD, RATIO, ATTACK, and RELEASE, or occasion- ally variants thereof. Makeup gain, included on virtually all compressors, is just a simple gain (volume) control that […]

How To ‘Unleash’ Your Talents?

Guest Blog: By Bob Baker Let’s talk about artist empowerment — one of my favorite topics lately … Not long ago I presented one of my first Unleash the Artist Within workshops. While promoting the event, I discovered that different people have different interpretations of what it means to “unleash” themselves as an artist. Many people assumed […]

Setting Reverb Parameters

In normal, everyday life, you almost never “hear” reverb, unless you’re in a parking garage or a stairwell. But it’s everywhere, and it affects everything you hear on a subconscious level. Even outdoors, the sound is not the same as a close miked instrument. Here is an experiment to try. Put on a pair of […]

The Secret To Being Productive Online

The whole trick to working productively isn’t really a trick at all. The big trick, the big secret to being productive online is this… Work on ONE thing until you are DONE with that ONE thing. Regardless of distractions, how you feel, how many competing “BETTER THINGS/WAYS” there are to do it, all the way […]