Independent Singer Songwriter – Jamie Leger

An engaging fusion of infectious melody, rhythmic & soulful music, with piercingly honest lyrical content; Léger’s unique vocal tones and story based songwriting is a refreshing dose of good old heart and soul. “Pop sensibilities…add to the sophisticated R&B / jazz infused guitar”- (Taxi) Check out my music – kicking butt on the Soundclick charts Independent […]

Biggest Things I Learned in 2011

As 2011 wraps up, i’ve taken some time to reflect on all that’s happened this year, and i’m kind of inspired by just how big of year it has been. Aside from quitting all nicotene for good, TOTALLY NAILING my fitness and health goals, and successfully getting a business of the ground…! I completed all […]

Plugs, Cables, and Connections

In setting up your home studio, you learned how to assemble your equipment in regards to spacial consideration, workflow optimization and organization. However, the cables and connectors are truly the ties that bind and make everything work together. Understanding which plug is needed where, and what each plug does is important information for any recording […]

Setting Up a Home Studio (Part 2)

This is the second part of a this mini-series, if you haven’t yet read the first post you’ll want to read Setting up a Home Studio. The Studio Chair This leads us into our next key piece of equipment to rig up a comfortable and efficient home/project recording studio, the studio chair. This can be […]

Understanding Studio Monitors

You will learn what near field reference monitors -or studio monitors are, and the difference between active & passive monitoring systems. You will also learn basic setup keys to optimize your monitoring system for your home studio.

To find more specific answers to these questions check out our section titled: Studio Setup and Acoustic Treatment Tips.

Do I Need a Mixer for Home Recording?

Producing music in a home studio has never been more accessible or cost effective than it is today. One of the main configuration options that impacts the core of your recording rig is whether you want an audio mixer, or mixing board, to be the heart of your home studio. The mixer-less studio option is […]

Recording With Microphones

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Microphone Types and Uses for Home Recording

For some fundamental microphone placement and audio recording techniques, as well as some more detailed explanation on microphone types, feel free to visit my article on microphones here… Yes, its free. No, you don’t have to sign up for anything.

Understanding Digital Audio and Midi in The Home Recording Studio

When it comes to producing music in a home studio, one of the most important things you need to understand in regards to editing or signal processing capabilities – is the distinctions between audio and midi. This article will give you an understanding of audio, digital audio, and midi in the home recording studio. Audio […]

All Fines and Costs Waived Probation Completed

Today was an incredible day, and although i don’t spend much time writing or talking about myself i thought i’d share the short story of a victorious day. On OCT 27 2010 I woke up on a jailhouse floor, my head pounding against a slab of concrete. Unaware of how i got there, and unsure of […]