Music Marketers Share How To Get Into The Music Business

If you’ve ever thought about getting into the industry side of the music business, or wondered what’s involved, where and how to start… Then go ahead and read check this out.

Here are some solid tips. Listen and learn as industry players and music marketers share how to get into the music business.

4 Fan Building Facebook Apps

Fan Building Facebook Apps 300x187 4 Fan Building Facebook Apps

There’s enough to know and deal with for building your social media following and overall online footprint… The over hundred thousand and growing facebook apps is overwehelming especially when there are only several key applications.

To save you time sifting and sorting, here are four key fan building facebook apps

As a rule of thumb, it is best to only install an app based on there being a specific need for a specific function or purpose that you are lacking.

Doing Better Keyword Research

If each keyword, or keyword phrase – is a car that’s going to bring you targeted, interested, new traffic to your pages and website… Then the wheels represent the keyword research, because without them.. ALL FOUR of them. Then that car won’t drive anyone… anywhere.

Just as the car won’t drive without 4 wheels, your keywords won’t produce the best results if you don’t address these 4 critical areas during your research phase.

We need to first determine your services, products, terminology, and most appropriate search queries with which we can start sifting and sorting to find the gems.

DAW Software for your Home Studio

DAW Software is really the brains of your home studio system. Now a primarily a computer based recording system, there are several major players across the Mac and PC platform. The features and functions, layout and underlying logic are going to either work for you, or not. It’s best to find the one that works WITH you, fits your style, workflow and taste. It stands to reason, then, that the DAW software could be the primary basis on your platform decisions. It may be worth poking around and seeing who you know or who you can contact, or where you can go to test out the different DAW platforms to see which one clicks with you too.

What is a DAW?