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I want to change the way you think about growing your career as an artist/musician in the modern music industry.

It’s the most amazing, fruitful, and exciting time to be alive as a musician.

The artists revolution is now. It’s how we as musicians, can create sustainable long term careers, AND do it on OUR terms.

The traditional music industry was inefficient and simply didn’t serve the artists best interest. It was just not a sustainable long-term model for 98% of artists and musicians.

But this is the Modern Music Business… Artists and musicians are now the leaders of the music industry, and the operators of their careers. Teams and lifestyles built around YOUR values, goals, and principles.

Gatekeepers are no longer necessary choke-points, and “manifest destiny” has never had a more tangible, realistic resonance than it has today. Now, no one besides yourself need pick you.

You are the CEO of your music business.

Artists are the central leaders of their brand, designers of their lifestyle, the creators of their career and content.

Creativity and inspiration are the true drivers for Artists in modern world, and the palette of experiential expression extends beyond compact discs, vinyl or digital data. Your imagination is now supported by an infinite canvas to share your stories. The tools available are a sophisticated array of always on, always available communication formats and distribution channels designed to deliver your content to anyone, virtually anywhere or anytime.

musical liberation

Music Business Liberation

If you are an Artist/Musician who would like to take your career, your income, your fanbase, or your lifestyle to the next level, then you are in the right place.

It’s my job to equip you with the tactical and strategic-tool and skills training you need to launch or grow your Artistic Career into a sustainable, uncompromising, full-time income. To help you upgrade your career and liberate your music business. To achieve a unique state of being we call modern artist enlightenment. The experience of freedom and fulfillment doing what you love, on your own terms.

Many in our community are already established musicians making a full-time living and just need further training to upgrade their systems and processes, to improve their productivity and daily operational effectiveness, or for strategic or directional guidance…

If you’d like to apply to get your own career blueprints drawn out, go here to get your step-by-step game plan and roadmap with accountability.

Regardless of your level and experience, if you are an Artist or Creator in the Modern World, here you will find the most current, proven, and working blueprints to advance and grow your career that we’ve found to date, the insight and training to show you what to do, and a supportive community environment to help you connect the dots. I hope you find it refreshing, valuable, and inspiring-no matter where you are along your journey at present.

forward12Please accept the gift i offer you now, that will help you progress and further learn how to leverage the tools of the modern musician, build a greater audience to distribute your content to, and provide training to add more value to the fans you’ll grow your career with.

The current state of the music industry

The evolution of Commerce and Artistic opportunity have formed a new landscape for success (and what that means) in the music business, as well as birthed a new breed of artist and creator in the modern world.

These hybrid Artists/Musicians (let’s call them Modern Musicians) fully experience the best of both worlds by integrating the dual skill-sets of their musical craft, along with the entrepreneurial skill-set.

By adopting these new roles and developing this integrated set of skills, modern musicians are able earn their independence as an artist in the modern music business. A full-time living doing what they love-on their own terms.

The power is in our hands. Complete artistic independence and creative control is proven and obtainable for any musician willing to do the work required.

You are the CEO of your Music Business/Career.

We all start as DIY Artists, but no matter if you are DIY( Do it Yourself), DWY (Done With You), or DFY (Done For You), i encourage you to declare your independence as an artist in the modern world, and claim your power as the creator of your musical fate regardless of if and when you come to the bridge for getting an agent or a manager. Even if all you do is busk and travel!

You can grow your career better than a major label would or could, and you don’t have to give away your rights or wager with percentages that can cost you way too much.

No matter what happens in the future, deal or no deal,  you are still the CEO of your music business. Whichever route you take; I believe the Grassroots business model I teach is one of the most effective places to start regardless of what your future trajectory may be, in order to lay that foundation for long-term growth and stability.

Accept the added responsibilities to embrace the added opportunities

But let’s face it… Today there’s just more stuff you have to know, more skills you need to have, and to create, launch, or grow a long term career that works for you rather than you having to work for it-(or someone else) requires more than the conventional knowledge being taught in traditional education systems. The primary reason for this is that there is so much individualization, customization, and complexity nowadays for what the right curriculum, training, and skills for you are-that there’s no one size fits all path.

There are several new areas of management, roles and responsibilities, skills and activities required for long term success in the modern music industry.

There’s just no way around it. The industry evolved. Today it’s more than the traditional album cycle of making 12 songs, touring, then selling cd’s and merch at shows.

We operate a global platform, and a 24/7 portal of multimedia conversation with our audience. We create blog posts, podcasts, videos, photos, t-shirts, tweets, toaster magnets and all kinds of content.

Your personality, your voice, your skills, your experience, your stories… it’s all your content, right?

There is instant access to a flood of traffic precisely targeting your perfect fan profile, and everyday more and more placement/licensing/record/sponsorship deals are birthed and matched with someone just like you and I.

The fact is that to truly embrace the added opportunities, we must first accept the added responsibilities of being an artist/musician in the modern world.

Over the last decade i’ve created a blueprint for taking your game to the next level, and can provide you with a shortcut to finding and utilizing the best tools and resources i’ve used and approved.

I  can offer you a direct line to the proven strategies and insight “from the trenches” as both an artist personally, as well as a coach/consultant guiding a roster of client artists-as they grow their career to the next level.

I have a unique vantage point for delivering you highly credible, relevant, and timely content that i think you’ll find valuable.


What You’ll Find Here:

  • modern music business training for Independent artists and musicians
  • grassroots career development: how to build long term careers, stay in control, and not give up a percentage!
  • modern music marketing training: the rules and tools of the new game
  • musician productivity: structuring creative workflow, tracking progress, organization
  • music marketing campaigns and promotions: Highly effective music marketing and promotional strategies you can use
  • home recording + songwriting + production + promotion workflows for artists and musicians
  • complete artist development: how to evolve your career from 1d -3d brands, that doesn’t require compromise of values or lifestyle and generates 3d success. Success that doesn’t happen at the expense of something else.
  • developing your platform
  • building your audience
  • growing your fan base
  • generating multiple revenue streams
  • multimedia storytelling tips and training
  • entrepreneurial skillset development
  • Music Publishing: Music Licensing

Who This is For:

Whether you’re an aspiring, emerging, established, or occasional artist/musician, this is for you if:

  • You would like to build a fan-base and a loyal audience using strategies centered around long term sustainability and authentic connection with your community.
  • You would like to learn some of the the most concise and effective ways to develop, launch, or grow your career as an artist in the modern world. (that we’ve found through our experiences)
  • You can make the music and maybe even the music video as well, but you don’t have the platform to show it to many people, and want to learn how to do that.
  • You’re working a full-time job to cover costs and either plan to, or would one day like to make the transition into a full-time living, doing what you love, on your own terms…
  • You have some social media activity and may have even gotten your website up already, but want to know how to truly grow a core base of fans that support you.
  • You’re not sure what you need to know exactly, but you want to know how to be prepared for growing your career in the modern music industry…
  • You’re getting antsy trying to manage everything that you need to get your career off the ground…
  • You’re considering getting back out there and doing shows again and wonder how can you prepare yourself as an artist to better retain and stay connected with the people that show up for you.
  • You don’t want to do it all on your own, and you don’t want to have to do it the long hard way.
  • You find yourself stuck in an outdated business model or would like to learn how to upgrade some of your strategies, systems or processes…
  • You’ve tried stuff in the past but… You’ve tried different marketing strategies in the past that sort of kind of work… but you still aren’t able to connect all the dots fully. perhaps you’ve already read the books, have been involved in other programs and still haven’t found success, or have been trying to piece things together from all over the place and have yet to find a COMPLETE system or blueprint, one that also includes advanced tracks for the individualized customization, along with the support that would help you get to the next level. And stay there.

Who I am and what we’re all about:

I’m Jamie Leger, Founder of Artists Academy, Author of the Modern Musician Manifesto, and Editor in Chief of Modern Musician Magazine.     

I’m the trusted career growth expert for artists, musicians and content creators ready to step their game up in the modern world. I help music businesses develop and grow.

My team and I are Proudly Helping Hundreds of Musicians liberate the Modern Music Business, declare their artistic independence, and earn a full-time living doing what they love-on their own terms.

Would you like to find out how you could become one of them?

If so, go here.

Quick Introduction – There wasn’t a conventional pathway so I set out to build one.

Ten years ago  I plunged down a rabbit hole over my passion for writing, recording, and releasing my own music.  I started out as a talented daydreamer with a cartoon mind who’s best subject was recess. Traditional educational and career paths didn’t inspire or make nearly as much sense to me as following a dream and my passion all the way down to wherever that went. In early 2005 I launched my content business writing and sharing material on my  obsession with home recording as an Independent Musical Artist in my home recording studio. I started down a long and winding journey collecting skills, experiences, and the unique blend of interests and expertise that would eventually lead me to my place in the world, doing what I love, on my own terms.

That’s right, I said it, I get to sling content for a living.

Music, videos, blog posts, reports, infographics, slide show presentations… Multimedia storytelling.

That is what I do.

Today, I write and produce the music I enjoy making, embark upon the projects I choose worth taking, and have the phenomenal privilege to work with some of the coolest most amazing people on the planet.

I proudly serve thousands of artists and musicians all over the globe-helping them with starting, (re)launching, or growing their music business.

I’m a bit of a mutt

I feel like I’m a mix between that car from the Transformers films that communicates in movie lines, and the Slum-Dog Millionaire of the modern music business.

It was a bizarre but amazing 10 years that led me here and I’m proud to say that after a lot of work, (which of course it continues to be) I have created my own version of paradise.

My journey has also led me to find out in deep dive detail what is keeping so many Artists and Creators from their paradise. That’s what we call the modern world, by the way. The creator’s paradise. I’ve uncovered these answers through a decade of personal trial and error, 4 years of coaching and consulting 100’s of Artists and Creators of all levels and experience, and being fortunate to serve 1,000’s of incredible people just like you.

I’ve helped many Artists and Creators of just about all levels of skill and experience, starting with myself, and I intend to pass along the training and guidance to help further your career in a meaningful way.

For Artists and Creators willing to roll their sleeves up and do the work, here you will find proven pathways that connect the dots for making a full-time living doing what you love, on your own terms, here in the Modern World.

It’s up to you to do the work, but I can show you a proven trajectory, and provide you with many strategies, tools, techniques, and insight that will save you a lot of time, a lot of frustration, and likely a sizable sum of money.