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What’s this Music Business Blog all about?

Hi, I’m Jamie Leger, captain of this ship here serving a wonderful community of Artists and Music Business owners/operators of all kinds. If you are an Artist/Musician who would like to take your career, your income, your fan base, or your lifestyle to the next level; then you are in the right place.
Together, we are Proudly Helping Hundreds of Indie Artists & Musicians Liberate the Modern Music Business via proven Artist Career Development and Music Promotion strategies all freely available through this Music Marketing Blog.
I will teach you how to earn a full-time living doing what you love-on your own terms, and then take your music career to the next level.
Many in our community are already established musicians making a full-time living and just need further training to upgrade their systems and processes, to improve their productivity and daily operational effectiveness, or for strategic or directional guidance… If you’d like to apply to get your own music career blueprints drawn out by The Music Business Architect, go here to get your step-by-step game plan and roadmap.


The Mastery Mindset

As you learned with the Cycle of Success and Failure, the battle is won or lost during the Development Cycle. Results, good or bad, are just a by product of the actions you take and the way that you execute them. For every action you take in your business, their is a...

The Development Cycle: Equation of Success and Failure

All Success and failure boils down to a fairly predictable equation. Often nuanced and complex as well as typically outside of our conscious awareness, it nonetheless remains self-evident and rational. I'm eluding to the equation of success and failure. Achievement is...

How To Upgrade Your Music Business Operating System

Upgrading Your Music Business: How To Get from Here To There One of the first major breakthroughs our members and clients make is the recognition of their musician business as a Content Business and not just a music business. You are really just creating and...


I couldn’t have done it without you, you’ve been absolutely brilliant, and a gift that showed up at just the right time.

Toni Lamotta

“Thank God you’re making the artist savvy about the biz side, but not sacrificing their heartfelt honesty in their product! Keep up the good work!”

Betty Curtis