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At the beginning of 2013 I launched a big course that i’d spent lot of time creating called Content Academy, and gave it away as a gift to our community of Artists. I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of glowing testimonials, thanks you’s, and comments we’ve received, and i am very pleased to see that so many got so much out of the training, and applied themselves. I am very happy to have such an enthusiastic and talented little tribe of you hooligans! Through the feedback and interaction and things I learned about you through that course and through my private clients and students, i’ve learned much more clearly what your biggest challenges are and what attributes, benefits, and solutions you need most.


For those of you who don’t receive/or didn’t read the newsletter, I’m pleased to announce Modern Artists Academy is the solution created to serve you with what you need to help bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you would like to be. It is a proven roadmap to financial and artistic control in 2014.


More to come on this, and i’ve been working hard on a comprehensive 6 part training series to kick the launch off when i release it in January.


I appreciate all the feedback and i LOVE hearing your success stories as well as your questions and comments. Keep em coming.


“Jamie Leger, thank you so much for your brilliant guidance. I am so grateful to have found you! You are making an important contribution to the world and to all the people who benefit from your leadership & wisdom 🙂 Thank you so much!” 


Patricia Panther


“Your specialized coaching and consulting has been a gift that has changed my life. You have helped me build a sustainable business, optimize my web presence, learn the foundation for creatively marketing my content, AND finally launching my first original album… all in the space of just over one YEAR. Amazing. Thank You!” 


Spencer Michaud



Do ANY of the following statements expressed by my students resonate with you?


As i nail things down, please take a minute to go over these patterns i’ve noticed, and tell me if there is anything else you’d like to add or comment on about the list of issues mentioned below.

My students of Content Academy: The Content Business Bootcamp – repeatedly expressed the same challenges and frustrations. Here were some of the ones that were repeated over and over again. Share with me in the comments below if there are any critical elements you want me to address that are not covered here.


What is the biggest problem or stumbling block with growing your content business as an artist in the modern world?



Finding balance between the marketing side, the skills development side, and the creative side. There is so much that I want to be doing on each of these legs. Making money. knowing where to focus.




I’m overloaded with TRYING to significantly grow my fanbase & clients, while being true to my art. Pushing for a sustainable career on my own terms..

There seems to be so many hats to wear, as all the pillars of business need to be strong.  That is the hardest part..


-Michael Cook


Finding fans feels like trying to find needles in a haystack.  The sheer size of the internet audience is overwhelming. I need to learn where to focus my energy.

Time.  Available time.  I have a lot of work on my plate.  So, figuring out how to best focus my time would be beneficial, as well as how to become more efficient in the way that I work.


-Teresa Powell


I have not been able to connect with large groups of people and I have trouble standing out from the competition.  I’ve been at it for two years now and haven’t gotten very far, although I have posted 50 songs nd over 30 videos.




My biggest source of frustration right now is the big gap I feel there is between what I am learning (also outside of the context of this course) and what i can actually implement.


I sometimes feel overwhelmed because, beside my duties as musicians and content creator, there is an entire set of new skills that I need to learn to promote my music effectively: social media, online marketing, live promotion, blogs, etc. There are many sources I need to follow to keep up to date and therefore there is a huge amount of information I need to analyse and integrate in order to get the bigger picture of my project.




Again, it’s my limited, although growing, knowledge of the tools and techniques required to create an effective Internet presence.




Dedicating the time to the website, mailing list, social networking, etc is difficult when the payoff seems so far away.  It is so easy to become discouraged with all the work that is needed to be done before I will even begin to see some results.

Building a local following while trying to build the brand that will take my content to where I can build a tribe all over the world.




Easily distracted by the massive info storm on social media and I sometimes have a tendency to get stuck and lose focus on what I do

Keeping focus and getting my message out to enough people




I guess I am frustrated by not knowing how to efficiently market myself.


Marcus Demello



Mt biggest problem is I don’t know where to start. And I don’t know how to structure it.

Understanding my goal.




I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like there’s a million things to do and all of the things I have done have gotten me local respect but not global or even national or even state! Finding a balance between artist (creator) and Entrepreneur. Feeling as if I have to do everything.


Beau B.


 Mainly in trying to create really good content, and then having no real audience to see it… OR, conversely, working diligently on Promotion and Marketing only to get people to a site with incomplete or less-than-best content..  To manage to do both at once is a bit overwhelming for a lone entrepreneur.

I suppose my biggest complication has been seeing Content Creation and Promotion/Marketing as 2 different areas to be worked, rather than as a cohesive whole to be integrated.


Gerry James