Article Marketing For Experts and Creators

Article Marketing has come to mean a lot of different things. Most people who use the term are likely second rate marketers referring to spinning largely useless content to begin with to a whole lot of networks and un-traffic’d web pages where they will live out there days in solitude, and perhaps even clutter up the search results for some good pages that might actually have reason to be there.


Ok. I understand that this is likely outside of your element. You are experts and creators, my favorite kinds of folk, and you probably have no idea what I am saying…


That’s ok. Today, you’re going to get a pretty comprehensive explanation that’ll cover a lot of ground as fast as possible, and give you a new traffic generation tactic to add to your content marketing mastery toolbox.


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Article Marketing is one of the most proven and successful marketing strategies since the early days of the internet.





Because it’s simple. And it still works.


People and websites still gather articles from all over the web through these content catalogs called article directories.


This mutual exchange is a win win, and always will be because valuable content will always need to both written and read, and valuable content is the thing that generates both traffic and interest.


As an expert, musicpreneur, or content creator of any sort, someone that has a robust platform, (or plans to develop their online presence) now or in the future-should understand how article marketing works-AS WELL as know how to write and market high value articles that gain traction and generate qualified visitors.


There’s a lot of “me too marketers” out and about. I don’t imagine you run into too many unless you are doing your homework, (as you should by the way) learning and developing your marketing and business knowledge on your own. You’ll be able to spot one of these lemmings by their markings… Usually, big bold red headlines that say things like Drive TORRENTS of Traffic That Flood Your Piggybank With an ABsolute AVALANCHE of new sales/fans/clients/money.


The end.


Anyway, i’m sure many are good people, and are trying to do well, but still, they miss the boat. At any rate, it is from these people, you’ll hear things like “Article Marketing is dead,” and all about the “Duplicate content” myth.


Just do like your daddy tells ya and” ignore those people, sweety.”


Now, since it really doesn’t apply that much to you (experts and creators), i’ll spare you the “evolution” of article marketing as i’ve seen from 2004 till now… but for even the savvy content creators-i’ll try to make this post precisely what you should know-about todays topic as it directly relates to your online platform and audience building efforts.


I think i’ll break this into two parts to keep it from turning into a 4,000 word post. This first article will focus on the mechanics and important aspects of the Article MARKETING, and next week we’ll dive deeper into actually CREATING high value articles that can get you publicity and a lot of targeted traffic. (An area that many of you seem to be struggling with)


Article marketing is a subset “tactic” of your larger content marketing strategy. It’s purpose is to generate traffic and develop your credibility-as an established expert or resource persona. Article Marketing and Content Syndication, although some would disagree, are for our purposes, the same thing. Here is what you need to know about it in 2013, as well as the fundamental principles that will be valid and effective forever into the future.


Article Marketing For Experts and Creators


It’s one of the “original gangstaz” of Content Marketing. (I believe that’s O.G., to you. icon smile Article Marketing For Experts and Creators


Listen. There’s a lot of misunderstanding, misnomers, and just poo poo advice around article marketing-so don’t listen to everything you read about, especially for those of you concerned about duplicate content. But don’t worry cuz you can trust ol’ Jamie, my word is good, and I got your back with this stuff.


Article Marketing is an elemental part of the web. It dates back to the very beginning of the internet-as a foundational way to help article writers, and online publishers (website owners/bloggers/online magazines etc.) connect great content to targeted audience segments. (Essentially the same thing as offline, with magazine and other periodicals, as well)


It helps to establish an authors/experts/individuals authority and presence surrounding certain topics, while simultaneously building high quality links-all amounting to the most important benefit, positioned exposure to new audiences.


The ability to connect with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of unique, somewhat segmented readers with a common interest-was a virtually cost free reality. In fact, any bum could simply walk off the street into a library, and start making cash money for zero dollars. How you might ask?


By writing topical articles and marketing those articles to the audiences seeking information about that subject, and then linking or introducing a related offer sold as an affiliate.


Pretty cool.


Of course, i certainly don’t recommend that… I want you to build a REAL business, and a sustainable, ideal, lifestyle that it facilitates. But that takes time. Time that YOU are willing to invest. Which is why you’ll eventually get there. Just don’t give up.


The ultimate purpose with Article Marketing is generating traffic and exposure to many potential new leads/fans/customers, now or in the future.


There are three main benefits to it. All of which can compound over time-if you’re consistently producing and marketing high value content.


  • Establishes and builds your authority and credibility in your niche
  • New traffic and potentially new fans/followers/leads, and eventually even sales, potentially
  • Can create SEO ranking “power/link juice,” (that’s a good thing. icon smile Article Marketing For Experts and Creators



Through a snippet of text and a link or two at the end of the article, interested readers can follow you to someplace where they could get more information, and/or find out more about how you can help them achieve whatever their desired goal is.


That little thing at the end of an article that reads like a short bio and then links back to someplace to find out more… Is  called a resource box, or a bio box.


These links, which should be ANCHOR TEXT if possible, can be included in the body copy and/or the resource box at the bottom of your article. Don’t worry so much about the Anchor Text anymore, so much as the titles of the links being as relevant and helpful to the end-to-end user experience as possible. It should be a natural, progressive next step to find a link in your bio at the end of an article that would take the reader to a free report or comprehensive guide on dog training, if, for example, the article contents told the story of how to make your dog pee on the grass, instead of the couch.


Remember what you learned in the Creating Content With ADD In Mind post?


So the goal of article marketing is distribution, syndication, links, and most of all, TRAFFIC. (Ideally, targeted traffic)


Some Clarification


There are some gray areas and back and forth debate about article marketing, article directories, article syndication, article distribution, but it’s like this…


Article Directories (like the ones mentioned below) are primarily for positioning and potential distribution. They are mostly repositories for already published articles, and used by site and ezine/newsletter owners looking for relevant content. You may perhaps enjoy a little link value as an added bonus, but in my experience, aren’t great for driving lots of quality traffic.


IF you do this consistently, over time, for a while, multiple times every week for several months or more, and you have a topic-as well as content that is in demand… You can likely create some very good long term results.


Guest posts, which you’ve already learned about, (in how to find and place guest posts) are essentially skipping the middle man, (the article directory) and building a relationship DIRECTLY with the publisher (site owner) through unique content written for that specific audience.


This is different than Article Syndication – in that most people referring to “guest blog posts” are typically referring to original and “unique” content written and published exclusively for an intended audience.


It’s this “exclusivity” that makes guest blog posts “Extra” special, for both parties. Meaning, it’s got some added benefits over pure article syndication (which just means published in multiple places) in terms of SEO value.


It’s more of formal thing. It’s more tailored for the topical theme and audience of the site. It also will be indexed by the search engines and pass along something referred to as “link-value/juice,” which basically means that you both benefit from it being originally published on that particular site. This may result in SEO rankings for certain keyword phrases, and long term traffic; as opposed to just short term spikes from being on the front page of the big sites blog for a few days or so.


Think of an exclusive interview with barbara walters… That’s typically exclusive and “unique” content. Though it may be SYNDICATED across a number of networks, shared through a number of places, that is essentially what we’re talking about.


Think of it as “our exclusive interview” on channel XYZ. That thing they always brag about. Cuz bla bla news, has your back! 


In this case, there is a little more benefit to it being exclusively published on a site, and that’s the residual SEO value. For both YOU and the site owner.


The difference between syndicated and unique content, technically speaking, really just means that the content is “indexed” in the search engines at one primary place. The other aspect is just that exclusive guest posts are more work!


Don’t worry about it. Really. Just try to get as much valuable content in front of as many targeted audiences as you can. Occasionally, you’ll find sites that don’t mind “syndicating” content, and others (typically bigger or authoritative niche sites) will demand the content be created fresh and published exclusively.


Build up a syndication network based on audience segments over time. And ALSO develop relationships and credibility as a guest poster on the biggest authority sites in your niche. It takes time. Just go one at a time.


Here are some queries to use on a google search that can get you started:


  • “This is a guest article”
  • “Guest Contributor”
  • “Guest post by”
  • “Publish Your News”
  • “Places I Guest Posted”
  • “Become a Contributor”
  • “Become an Author”
  • “Suggest a Post”
  • “Submit Tutorial”
  • “Submit News”
  • “Contribute”
  • “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
  • “Want to Write for”
  • “Submit an Article”
  • “Guest Post Guidelines”
  • “Become a Guest Blogger”
  • “Submit a Guest Post”
  • “Guest Blogging Spot”
  • “Guest Post”
  • “Bloggers Wanted”
  • “Submit Post”
  • “Add Content”
  • “Add Articles”
  • “Submit Article”
  • “Add Guest Post”
  • “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
  • “Guest Posts Roundup”
  • “Write for Us”
  • “Submit Guest Post”
  • “Submit a Guest Article”
  • “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
  • “Group Writing Project”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”
  • “Become a Contributor”
  • “Submit Design News”
  • “Community News”
  • “Submit Blog Post”
  • “Suggest a Guest Post”
  • “Contribute to our Site”
  • “Become a Guest Writer”
  • “My Guest Posts”
  • “Submission Guidelines”
  • “This guest post was written”
  • “This guest post is from”
  • “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “The following guest post”
  • inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • inurl:write-for-us
  • inurl:guest-posts
  • inurl:profiles/blog/new


All the idiots worrying about “duplicate content,” work themselves up into a stupor about all this jargon, and some people, have actually started worrying that google is going to “ban” or “penalize” even unique guest posts!!


To these people i say, get a clue…!


Google doesn’t own the internet. In fact 95% of all internet users are spending their time OUTSIDE OF GOOGLE. They are spending their time at their favorite blogs and websites… Duh! Google is just one vehicle…


But again, don’t worry about all that. Unless you are a professional SEO in a competitive market who’s job depends upon eCommerce goods sold through search… get a grip, dude…


Great content. Useful. High value content will ALWAYS be in high demand. Don’t think about the link, think about the user. Don’t worry about the mythical “duplicate content penalty,” just try to create and spread great, relevant content to the people who’d care to find it. Period.


YES. Having the same article on multiple sites is A OK!! Syndication is alive and well and has been since the very start.


What is a newspaper or press release or niche news site? It’s a big network of content syndication!


Google just doesn’t want people spreading garbage content that no-one will read, spinning it and polluting the web with more crap. That doesn’t do anyone any good. But additionally, google is not god. They are not the government. They have no more control than we allow them to have… and essentially, they are another massive, faceless corporation that doesn’t interact with their users on an individual level. But that’s enough of a rant for now.


Article marketing has always been about PEOPLE reading quality content. End of story.


Article directories will provide some traffic, and may even get picked up by a few publishers, (which you can and SHOULD then focus on building a long term, win-win relationship with) but most directories nowadays probably WON’T send you much traffic, and even fewer leads. is a useful source for passive syndication of an article that will get you some traffic, and depending on the quality and end-to end user experience you design, can become a long term little asset that can add up over time.


Article Directories & Distribution 


Again, article marketing-solely through directories, probably won’t flood your site or your subscriber list with torrents of traffic… UNLESS you are free to research and write about anything, and the business model is to make money through driving free traffic to some sort of conversion funnel that made you money… (In which case you’d find what the best performing topics, types, and formats were, and then would design your articles around that objective) it’s probably best for you to focus on guest posts and syndicating your content where and when you can to get new exposure to new audiences.


There are just as many article distribution site as there are video sharing sites, if not more. Some of the most effective sites to get your articles distributed include:



Much like video sharing sites, some article distribution sites are more focused on certain topics, such as which is mainly online marketing related information, while others cover virtually everything. Article distribution really just means a broader scope of places where you can house and distribute your written content.


As mentioned earlier, the way these sites work is that you submit your article to get published on their website. You can include a short “bio” at the end of the article, telling the reader what your company offers along with a link back to your website.


REMEMBER: The link in your bio has two benefits:


  1. People who read the article will click on the link to visit your website, and once they do they can sign up for your email list, read more about your company or anything else that you offer on your site.
  2. The link helps your website rank higher in Google and other search engines, so the more articles you distribute, the better you will rank when people are searching for local businesses.


The real power of these article sites is in the syndication features they offer.


Most of these sites let other websites use your article on their site, as long as they leave your bio intact at the end of it.


The goal is targeted traffic. As much, and as often as you can get.


So as other sites syndicate your article, you will get even more opportunities to reach your market/potential customers as well as build more and more back-links, helping to push your website higher up in the search engine rankings. Which also means, more traffic.


And while all this is happening, you’ll help to establish your reputation as an expert or resource in this particular area.


If someone goes searching for reviews or more information about your company, they will find all these different websites where your articles are posted. This will help make you a better known expert on your topics and what you have to offer.


After all, if you saw the same author’s articles in every magazine you read about a particular topic, you would probably think they know a little something about that subject, wouldn’t you? Being mentioned all over the internet has the same effect.


Long story short… There are fewer and fewer article directories that are of high quality and are even worth submitting to anymore.


Of all the ones, (been around forever) is the most committed to quality (in my opinion) and all I personally use, most of the time… To be honest.


Aside from Ezine Articles my picks for the top three are:


• ArticlesBase (starting to rate better than ezine for some articles)

• GoArticles (articles go live instantly)

• SearchWarp (articles rank very well in google.)


Some other great places to submit to are:


• Niche Directories

• Niche Ezines

• Niche Blogs

• Niche Forums



Their is also a paid option that is a pretty easy way to submit to a massive network of other syndication sites called iSnare. (Though i question the quality and overall value of doing so)


It’s worth checking out and trying to measure the results it has with your business and in your market.


The rest of the time i’m going directly to the third party syndication sites, AKA Guest Blogs, as that is where you want to end up anyway.


Guest Blogs are probably my favorite content marketing strategy to date, which is covered in another lesson so i will not cover it in much depth here.



Articles Vs. Blog Posts



The fundamental distinction between writing an article vs. writing a blog post is that an article is generally a more formal piece of content.


I don’t want to say think Education vs. Entertainment, because often times a mix of the two are a winning combination to create interest and also be informative on a topic… So i’ll just say, think complete concepts/thoughts/opinions vs. shorthand conversation that can be much more relaxed and informal.


When you are writing articles that you want to place on article directories and get syndicated on high trafficked sites and blogs, you should cover all bases and thoroughly present all necessary elements to complete a high quality piece of content.


In other words, you need to have a compelling and interesting headline, a benefits oriented and highly enticing description/introduction, and a well crafted conclusion or final summary.


Always of the highest quality you are capable of.


A blog post CAN be just as informative, and of course follow the same format, and many of the “BLOGS” your articles get placed on will be nothing BUT articles….


But the distinction is the shorthand, and the more relaxed level of sharing which is often directly to an already built audience, thus can be more personal, include stupid bits of information about their cat that their audience may or may not be interested in, etc.



Smart Article Marketing 


– Do keyword research to find nice long tail terms and phrases that can grow up to be nice little traffic streams for you long term.

– Use your keyword in the “headline” at the beginning of the article title. Write catchy titles to entice clicks.

– Write your author bio with a call to action to send targeted clicks and traffic to your website.

– Alternate anchor text between the URL, site name, and keywords.

– Don’t worry too much about the Anchor text as much as the USER EXPERIENCE. If in your bio box it makes most sense, then send them to your home page or a strategic page that adds additional value. Otherwise, consider linking to a squeeze page.

– Some article marketers, people who do this all the time, like one or two a day, do very well exclusively with just EzineArticles.

– Others like to distribute to put their articles all over the place. I don’t much sense in doing this UNLESS of course their is actually an audience there which will provide you with traffic.


Create and test multiple resource boxes – Creating variations will let you test and refine what Resource Boxes work best for which situations. Use COMPLETELY different variations, SLIGHTLY different variations, check your statistics and figure out which was best for conversions.


Shoot your article all over the web - One of the biggest misconceptions around content marketing and especially article marketing is with “duplicate content”.


“…But, Jamie, if i have an article on my site and also on another site, isn’t THAT “duplicate content,” and can’t i be penalized for that by google?“


NO! That was the whole point of the internet in the first place! Creating, sharing, spreading great content!


Duplicate content = the same pages on the same site with exactly the same information.


Why would you have two of the same pages with exactly the same content on it? It does you no good, and people don’t often intend to make this mistake, it’s usually a technical accident or a user error.


It’s confusing to the search engines, which are just a bunch of robots running around reading and crunching data, so they don’t like it.



The Next Level


The next level is really to leverage your best articles into:



Blog Posts


PDF Reports

Press Releases

Maybe even an eBook


This is not something i want you to get distracted with right now, but keep in mind that THIS is HOW you gain MASSIVE leverage from your HIGH QUALITY content and get tons of links and traffic through diverse syndication channels.



In Conclusion:


Articles leave trails, you want to create high quality content, and spread it all over the inter-webs to get your name out there, build links and authority and ultimately traffic back to your site.


The More you write, the better you get, and the better your articles get, the better the results.


You want to be consistent with writing articles and creating content, so PICK A NUMBER of articles you’ll write per week, and get into the habit of doing it. Even if it is only once a month, do it consistently.


So there you have it folks, go back and read this a few more times until everything really sinks in, and then do the homework.


What’s important is that you DO THE HOMEWORK.


Otherwise, you’ll do what most people do and sort of read this, and then forget/relearn, and then forget/relearn, instead of taking the action and actually knowing how to do it from experience.


Again, it’s all in getting good at doing the basics. Just like anything else.


I hope you got a lot of out this lesson, I gave you all the ”secrets,“ and you now know more than about 95% of your peers.


If you found this lesson valuable or helpful, i’d love to hear about it! Please share your comments and questions with me.


I am VERY excited for our upcoming lesson on a topic near and dear to my heart which is, really, one of the GREATEST traffic generation and name building strategies out there, Guest Blogging!


To All The Traffic You can handle! icon smile Article Marketing For Experts and Creators


Be Your Best,







  1. Take that blog post you should have written already from day 1 – Content Marketing, and turn that into a full article with a headline, description, and resource box, and try to keep it around 700-1000 words.
  2. Create an account over at if you do not already have one, follow the directions and submit your first article.
  3. Submit your article to any other directories or distribution sites that you want to. (Only Ezine is mandatory, so if that’s all you do, no problem! )


Just follow the instructions and you’ll be good. Note that It may take 7-10 days before they review and accept it, but that’s normal.


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