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Check out part one of this video series where Ariel Hyatt Interviews Seth Godin On The New Music Industry. Both are figures i look up to and listen to, and i think you’ll value their insight as well.

Ariel Hyatt, (owner of Ariel Publicity, and creator of Cyber PR) interviews  Seth Godin (Marketing Legend) and picks his brilliant mind for insight and wisdom in regards to the new music industry as it pertains to direct to fan and the future models for independent artists.

Ariel Hyatt, is one of the pioneers in teaching social media to musicians, coupled with online music marketing strategies and proprietary “virtual” PR software that spreads independent artists’ music across the inter-webs and gets them placed on music blogs, podcasts, and internet radio.


Seth Godin is the author of about a dozen books, mostly best-sellers, is a marketing legend, and if you haven’t read any, or heard his name before, you should start.



Some Highlights:

“Seth kicked off by letting us know that there is nothing wring with being “weird.”

The Internet

    1. Lets weird people fine other weird people, which amplifies their weirdness.
    2. Lets marketers reach groups of people who aren’t the normal ones (reaching the masses is too expensive)

What this means if you are an artist is: You better make something for weird people.

You can NEVER rationalize your way out of fear. Fear of something else helps you get rid of first fear.

  • You should be more afraid of being obscure
  • You should be more afraid of being ignored
  • You should be more afraid of no one ever hearing you
  • Than you should be of disappointing a few people.

The haters are going to hate. There are people out there with an open heart who can not wait to hear from you. You don’t need to spend any time with the haters.

You can not be a musician, and you can not be an artist until you acknowledge one of the things you are trying to do is make a dent in the universe that you are trying to touch people… Marketing is finding out the best way to touch people and to touch them in a way that resonates well enough that they tell their friends.”