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Music Marketing and DIY Independent Artist Strategies with Seth Godin

Music Marketing and DIY Independent Artist Strategies with Seth Godin

Having been a big fan of Seth Godin for years now, anytime he talks, I listen… If you are an artist, songwriter, musician, and you don’t know about Seth yet, go learn. Read Tribes and Linchpin, or any other of his 13 books… And go from there. He’s a marketing legend with a unique attitude and stance on artistry and passion as a key commodity and value driver of the new economy.


Anyway, in a recent podcast with Seth Godin discusses some of the important concepts for independent artists to understand – moving forward in the new music business. I agree with just about all of them. I figured it would be useful to outline the key points, at least for those of you who are still a little behind on the new indie artist model concepts.


The Old Music Business vs. the New Music Business

Basically, the 1960-Y2K-ish major label powers that be who didn’t evolve with the times and technology, perpetuate the “raise your hand music industry,” where you hope and rely on luckily getting picked, vs. the new-DIY model… Where YOU can pick Yourself. There are obvious benefits to this but inherently very real consequences as well.


Essentially-it requires more skills, more dedication, and more commitment-because you are not only the talent, you are also the business owner and responsible for marketing as well.


Your job is to create music that captivates and inspires on a small scale.

Stop trying to fill Madison square garden, before you’ve filled the local bar you gig at. Your goal is to make an impact that leaves and impression and attracts true fans that you form relationships, engage and communicate with. Start with 10, then build 20, and keep compounding.


The 1,000 true fan model.

1,000 true fans – who’ll pay $50 a year, can earn you a sustainable living. Remember to consider this, ARE THERE 10,000 people who would REALLY care about the music you’d make, or do make?


Do it for the passion, not for the money.

Don’t compromise for the masses… Create music that you are passionate about, make what you believe in. Do it loud, and do it proud!


What if things just aren’t working as an independent artist?

There are basically two things you can change… The group, or the work. You’ll have to decide which is the problem, and then find a solution.


You can listen to podcast here:


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