SEO for Musicians: Easiest Way to Build High Quality Backlinks to Your Music Website

SEO for Musicians: Easiest Way to Build High Quality Backlinks to Your Music Website

So in this day and age, its become pretty clear that what is valued by PEOPLE as well as search engines is high quality content and an engaging, available, online presence. Obviously, most of the spammy qualitative based approaches to building your online presence which may have worked for some in the past, was inevitably, a poor strategy.

Anyway, for those of us who didn’t get all the SEO stuff right from the start, and who focused on the content, while we may have gotten that right, there is still a whole part that you and i are missing. It is the foundation that google has built there algorhythm around. Links. We are not going to get into a full lesson on links and linking today, but suffice  to say for now that you want…

1. High Quality links from high pagerank websites. Pagerank is the google rating from 1 (lowest) – 10 (highest) of a particular web page.

2. Anchor text links from relevant websites. (relevant = niche/industry related)

One simple, and probably the Easiest Way to Build High Quality Backlinks to Your Music Website is to better utilize the web properties you already own.

You probably already have a google account. Hint: If you have a gmail account, you have a google account. Fill out your profiles and add an anchor text link back to your website or blog.

Do this for yahoo and bing, and any other place you have a profile at.

Always remember that its better to have fully filled out profiles, than it is to have  many profiles that are left blank or partially completed.

By doing this you can now add some significant link juice from a massive PR 10 (the very highest) back to your website, without any cost or much work at all.

Feel free to check this out as i’ve done it here.

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