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Turn your shows into events

Turn your shows into events

I’m currently working with an artist who’s been slowly building up his email database and working towards some goals for both building a sustainable income and marketing his upcoming CD release.

Things have been progressively growing, but the main thing i’ve been really pushing him to do, and which has been challenging has been trying to guide his thinking into setting clear and specific targets to work on and improve upon.

One of which, has been to build up his fan-base and email list.

Now, im a musician, so i understand the creative mentality, and sometimes rigid opposition AGAINST “goal-setting,” and thinking about the business and marketing end of things.

But after we talked about it, i encouraged him to think about turning his shows into events!

This is a very simple concept, and it worked for him to add another 40 local, real, fans to his email database in one night. And they could have doubled or tripled that if they were really trying…

The power was in combining the collective resources from several other bands and putting on a big event. They harnessed the increased reach to promote the event and were able to bring more people to the show as a result!

The more people you can recruit, and the more excitement and INCENTIVE you can add to get people there, the BETTER!

The show was a big hit! Everyone had a great time, the music rocked, AND they remembered to get people to sign up to their lists!

It’s really simple and basic, but don’t overlook doing it!


The Take-Away:

I want you to spend time thinking about creatively marketing each performance  and opportunity you have to engage with potential fans and build your email list.

Turn your shows into events, and incentivize attendance anyway you can!  You can give something away, raffle something off, be creative.

Don’t forget to GET EMAIL ADDRESSES of your fans!

Remember, there is nothing shady or inherently wrong with marketing yourself to people who want to build a relationship with and get to know you.



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