This is the VIP mailing list for Modern Creators. Only awesome people are on it, and i do my best to deliver the best content, exclusives, reports on what’s working, and multimedia training that i can. I do it consistently, and i do it for you, for FREE!

What’s the CATCH!?

It’s free on one condition… That you SHARE it with two of your friends. It is truly my honor and priviledge to serve you, and I aim to deliver more of what you want, but i NEED YOU to help spread the word!

All i ask is that you would help get the word out to your friends and online communities about it. All you have to do is copy and paste a link to this page, found at the top in the search bar.


As for our joining our community… There’s no excuse not to!


Here’s everything you need to know:


  1) As a member, you’ll get access to exclusive content, access to a DIRECT line of dialogue, where you can tell me more of what you like/don’t like, and want. Also, demos, live tracks, bonus material and discounts on CDs and other stuff. (You’ll need to have cookies enabled for it to work.)


  2) Frequency is weekly, i deliver at least one new piece of content every week, and i do my very best to stay consistent and serve you.


  3) I guard this list with my life. Your info is never given or sold to anyone else, ever, because that’s lame.


  4) You can unsubscribe at any time. Use the link at the bottom of the email to update your info or leave the list.


  5) Please, use a real email address! You’ll receive a welcome email once you’ve joined.

I’ll break things down, and explain how things operate ’round here, make you feel all warm and cozy inside. Promise. ;=)


*Sneak Preview: I have a few projects in the que, one of which where i’d be interviewing the top indie artists and DIY success stories of musicians and bands of all kinds, and will also include interviews from key industry leaders, reviews and insight into some of the best resources for Independent Artists and Bands today. Gotten some good feedback and interest on this so far, if you’d find that a valuable project and allocation of my time and resources – then signup and let me know asap.

Ready? Let’s do this..!

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