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As a singer-songwriter and modern musical artist i have found the use of systems and functional structures for managing projects, (musical, entrepreneurial, or otherwise) finances, my life, my habits, to be of utmost importance.

Structure For Artists?

Yes… And i want to go a little deeper in talking about what these systems and structures require to be functionally most effective….

Quite simply… it is thought. The thinking process behind each piece must be out of solving a problem or creating a better way to automate or increase the time spent managing recurring tasks.


This sounds simple… and guess what… it is. But it requires time and focus.

The advantage of this is that ultimately by exercising and channeling these blocks of time and focus it will increase the availability of the former, and strength of the latter, while simultaneously building the systems that allow me to JUST do what i LOVE to do. This is critical to my success as a singer-songwriter and modern musical artist in the new music business.


The key is learn the thing that’s necessary. Do it. Assess and then work-shift to your team, or automate a system so that the next time i have to do something tedious, or less than exciting, its at least easier, structured, and efficient.


But diving back into systems, at a deeper level…


If we view the muse as the free-flowing, bumbling source of creative inspiration and mecca of unrestricted brilliant musical or imaginative ideas…


Then its logical to consider structures and efficient systems as the perverbial ball & chain. The contrasting enemy to our uninhibited episodes of expression…


However, again, re-examining the paradigm with logical thought, and practical experience we’ll find that the two actually go hand in hand. Its all part of a balance. That balance keeps us sane, healthy, productive, and in business. The balance of doing this, keeps the muse free to play when its time.


Self-discipline, and clear objectives are key… But without highly effective, structures and systems born of problem solving solutions we can easily veer off course, lose our bearing, and have MUCH difficulty re-gaining our grip and driving on.


These best new artist strategies are the beginning of a fundamental shift, or rather a delicious alternative to traditional models of the new music business that will provide those that are willing to bust their ass and never accept compromise-a life where everyday is filled with ONLY doing WHAT we love, getting better, developing, sharing, and producing good ideas with the world; AND having the financial independence to allow us the freedom to really be creative and live life on our terms.