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You are not alone.


What else do you need to succeed with your music?

There are new skills, new tools, new mindsets to embrace, and new obstacles to traverse. Do you have an integrated plan to steer and guide you to your specific set of realistic goals and milestones?

Is your business model stuck in the 20th century? I’ll bet it is. Nowadays you need a business model, an effective strategy, and a customized Roadmap that has evolved, as well.

“I Thank you for spilling your valuable information that took many hard years to understand and uncover. I Hate to sound selfish but it saves me a lifetime and helps me stay on course, looking ahead and keeps my gears moving very fast! Thank You So Much,”


The Modern Music Business is about creating the experience of freedom and fulfillment doing what you love full time, on your own terms. It’s about developing your assets, not falling into the growth traps or the technical gotchya’s, and it’s about harnessing technology effectively to spend more time on your main moves.

Have you formally identified your Perfect Fan Profile and crafted campaigns to attract and convert at least one of your Target Markets? Do you know how much it costs you to acquire a new fan?

There is no secret to success in the modern music industry. The real secret, the “trick” is that it is all about getting the mindset right, and then taking certain actions, done in a certain way, consistently following a proven roadmap with a customized set of strategies that are right for you.

I offer you proven pathways to progressively upgrade your skills and music business with support and accountability if needed as well.

Ultimately, the first mission is to write the best song(s) you can write….

Then, to become a professional, you need to be able to produce broadcast quality recordings that can be pitched and placed, as well as figure out how to make a living off doing the parts you love about that process – whether that’s writing, recording, performing, and/or promoting.

That’s the part where most of us can get a little caught up.

In my experience working with thousands of Artists and Creators over the last 9 years, I’ve learned that passion, talent, and even the driving ambition required to succeed in today’s world aren’t the problem that they are struggling with most. It’s not typically an issue with an unwillingness to do the work, but rather-one stemming from overloaded circuits, too much input and no gain structure, a lack of guidance, training, and strategy.

I can show you:

How to make full-time income doing what you love, on your own terms.

How and where to place your focus and energy to get highest leverage results, to build the foundation properly, to grow your fan-base, and to gain control over the amount of income you generate as an Artist in the modern world.

What the next best step for you to take is.

Again, I want to change the way you think about growing your career-in the modern music business.

In more places than I can count on all my fingers and toes, you can connect with literally THE perfect, precisely targeted supporter, maven, backer, and True fan profile-for in many cases ZERO dollars, easily, instantly, all through the power of these always on, always connected inter-webs we share.

Traffic, in every size and shape… Every color and creed… Every race and religion… Every… Well, you get the idea…

It’s all there. It’s right below your fingertips…

Are you ready to pull the trigger?

Are you ready to spend money to run a campaign and put yourself out in front of new potentials in order to acquire new fans?

I’ve listened to you over the years and here’s the wish list you gave me.

  • IF ONLY i could spend more time making music, and less time worrying about other stuff.
  • IF ONLY Someone could do the marketing and sales stuff for me.
  • IF ONLY someone could show me how to focus my energies to leverage the tools and time i have to grow and expand my career as an Artist in the MODERN world like a pro.
  • IF ONLY someone could provide me with the 1-1 support and customized roadmap that was right for ME, and ALSO do it for an affordable price…
  • IF ONLY someone could walk me through how to gain control of how much I earn, doing what I love.
  • IF ONLY I had the CASHFLOW to support my love and passion for what I’m doing!!!
  • Well, i can offer you custom solutions for all the above. Holler when you need me.

It’s guys like u that help this #promotion newbie gain confidence!

Just ready and I’m excited!

Darlene B

  • Content production, distribution, and promotional strategies and workflows – Produce and promote a Killer Single, EP, LP, that gets you the results you want.
  • Developing your Global Platform: Grow your audience & Build a loyal fan base
  • Music Marketing Campaigns
  • Building a music marketing system that builds relationships and makes sales on auto-pilot
  • Music business consulting
  • Website development packages
  • CD release party/tour
  • Album launches
  • Modern music release plans
  • Social media strategy & consulting
  • Coaching/Consulting Packages = Modern Music Maketing, Better habits, Productivity, Consistency, Leadership, Entrepreneurial mindset + Skills development
  • Again, The modern music business is about creating the experience of freedom and fulfillment doing what you love full time, on your own terms. It’s about developing your assets, not falling into the growth traps, or the technical gotchya’s, and it’s about harnessing technology effectively to spend more time on your main moves.
  • But hundreds of the struggling artists I’ve personally worked with in one way or another aren’t growing their career and living the lifestyle
  • they have the capacity and resources to, and it’s because of at least 1 of the following:
    • -misplaced focus: fixated on views, listens, and exposure vs. building true fans and super fans
    • -no career growth blueprints, strategy, game plan or roadmap
    • -not focusing on the right things in the right order
    • -no system in place for attracting new fans in the first place
    • -no followup system for converting new fans into true fans, and true fans into super fans
    • -confusing what marketing and sales really are – communication and connection
    • -not mastering the tools, leveraging the technology and resources they have available to step their game up, be more productive, create their ideal lifestyle and career
    • -doing it ALL yourself vs. do it with you – or done for you.

Music Marketing Strategy & Sales-Funnel

Do you have one of these, perfectly tailored to you and your career?

Music Marketing Strategy & Sales-Funnel

Music Marketing Strategy & Sales-Funnel

What is your career growth, content production, and music marketing strategy?

Do you have your own career blueprints complete with a customized game plan and roadmap that you are working off of daily, weekly, monthly to consistently build momentum, and drive into your goals like the pros?

Do you think your career and growth plan stands a chance when the next Artist who wants it more than you has already done that work and is on the path right now?

Do you believe your career as an artist is performing at it’s maximum capacity?

In an over-saturated, overwhelming, overbearing mass of communication how do you stand out and make a lasting impact on a fan?

How are you prepared for growth and development internally, Artistically, and financially-in the MODERN world?

Have you fully been able to cut through the clutter, mute the unneeded noise, eliminate the wheel-spinning, and end the overwhelm that most Artists fall victim to?

But where do you go, or who can you trust that you can rely on?

Is there an affordable solution to such a complex challenge?

Yes there is.

Ready to start the conversation?

How can you step your game up, improve your day to day music business operations, focus in on and achieve your goals consistently…?

One mission at a time.

But The first step is the hardest…

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