New Song By Independent Artist Jamie Leger – “The Best Is Yet To Come”

New song by independent artist Jamie Leger… O hey, that’s me! I wrote and produced this track and will be submitting it to some opportunities for film and tv placement. Would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Hope you enjoy, Cheers. Follow me on Twitter   Please share this if you like it!

New Song Released! – “On The Other Side”

This one took a little longer to get here, and there’s a few elements that will probably be added to it, I.E I’ve got to find the right drummer for this one, and probably a bassist as well. Any recommendations? I’m going to send it over to someone to get their feedback on the arrangement, and […]

Independent Singer Songwriter – Jamie Leger

An engaging fusion of infectious melody, rhythmic & soulful music, with piercingly honest lyrical content; Léger’s unique vocal tones and story based songwriting is a refreshing dose of good old heart and soul. “Pop sensibilities…add to the sophisticated R&B / jazz infused guitar”- (Taxi) Check out my music – kicking butt on the Soundclick charts Independent […]

DIY Artist/Musician – Skills Development

As a singer-songwriter and music maker paving a bold path in the new music business, I have identified the specific sets of skills and areas of management for my professional career. For the sake of keeping things simple, a personal philosophy and a highly effective way of being more productive I believe, I have broken […]

Artist Development Goals

Its a powerful and valuable thing-in my experience to write your goals down. It is a much better method for getting somewhere, and a worthwhile exercise. In addition to my ongoing regiment, my artist development goals are focal points aimed at refining my talent and professional crafts as a singer songwriter producer. I figured id post […]