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Sometimes writing songs is a free flowing – instant process… The muse takes over and you just channel and capture. It’s best to just let go and keep putting pen to paper.

But there are those other times, and those are times we are all familiar with. Any songwriter knows what its like to meddle indecisively for hours at a time to try to get the line or section right.

For anyone in a rut, remember, back to BASICS…

Get the concept clear, don’t linger over saying the line the perfect way the first time… Don’t worry, songwriting is more about rewriting than it is about writing. At first, just write out each section with the lines that as simply and directly as possible, tell the story.

Here is a pretty basic rundown of some more ideas and tips to get you out of your songwriting funk.

Songwriting Tips To Get You Out Of Your Funk

Songwriting Tips To Get You Out Of Your Funk

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