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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein

Welcome to the modern music business. I’m going to teach you the rules of the game. If you’d like to learn more about me, or any of the services we offer, go here.

I want to change the way you look at growing your career as a musician in the modern music industry. That was the first thing i said to you, and everything on this page is going to start to show you how.

This is a summary of how to navigate and best use this site, participate, and become apart of our wonderful little community.

Ie. Here’s a crazy short summary of my who i am, what i do, and what we’re all about over here.

I’m Jamie Leger, a leader of this tribe, and (aka) the music business architect. I will show you how to grow your career better than a major label would or could, using what you’ve already got.

Over the last 10 years I’ve built my lifestyle and my living as a content creator and artist. Several years ago, 4 to be exact, I started coaching and consulting other artists and helping them grow their careers. Since 2004 I’ve been blogging and following my love for writing and recording music in my home studio. Since that time I have been subscribed to all the feeds as well as have been developing my content as an independent artist. For my clients and students, there is too much information out there. Even within the filters of industry specific feeds, there is still too much filler news, tips, and vague or generic advice out there, so i’ve narrowed and laid out the content on my site to best serve you, with clarity and focus. I am not taking any swipes at other blogs and industry news aggregators, everyone has their purpose. But i’ve found that the best way to  serve my audience is to eliminate distractions and overwhelm as quickly as possible and focus them on the activities and lessons that will move their career forward starting now.  I don’t want you to have to work extra hard, and i want to ensure you receive the highest quality content, at the right time. As an artist myself, i know how crucial it is to get just the right piece of advice or answer at just the right moment.

Here is the core content that I specialize in, and stuff you’ll learn ’round here:

1) Musical Artist Development: Content + Core Brand Development/Communication – I will teach you how to build an online platform and other things like Website and Platform optimization. I will help you learn how to build a Loyal Audience, how to use your blog like the good lord gave ya. I will train you on how to operate a music website like a pro with a dedicated series on music websites for artists and musicians.

2) Musician Career Growth/Training/Development/Strategy/Plan: Yea that. I’ll show you how to grow your career, and have more fun as a Full Time Musician. What it means to Break through in the modern music industry and spill the beans on earning a full time living doing what you love, on your own terms. Making more sales as a musician, and setting up Multiple Revenue Streams… Or as we say, adding another MRS. ;P

3) Modern Music Marketing and Promotion: We’z gone get into online and offline music promotion strategies to help you get more exposure for your music with our guides on modern marketing + advertising for musicians – social media for musicians – content marketing for musicians. It’s really important to build a loyal audience, so we’re going to begin by helping you build a Core Fan base. Learn how to build a fan base from scratch and then we’ll focus on expanding your Fan base and income level.

4) Project Studio: Managing projects and running campaigns. This is crucial and you’ll need to learn how to do this. Don’t worry, i got you.

5) Music Business Skills. The core you’re going to focus all of your effort and focus on developing first is what we call the entrepreneurial skill-set. This is the set of skills you’ll need for long term success in the new Music Industry.

6) Music Business Tech and Tools. Here is where we will dig into the tools. Using the modern toolset for multimedia storytelling is pretty much your job these days… But instead of being thrown out in this big ol jungle left to fend for yourself, I’ll reveal to you my secret arsenal of go to’s. These are the gems. I’ll break down which are the best ones i’ve found and tried over the last decade and added to the list of my Jamie Leger tested and approved toolbox...

7) Vocal Recording like a pro in your home studio. As a singer and a recovering producer, this is one of my favorite topics.

8) Inspiration for Musicians: Staying motivated and inspired. You will need it. We all need it! We have to keep each other strong.

9) Building your team + networking

10) Avoiding the pitfalls and making the breakthroughs to grow your music career

11) Album Launch & Modern Music Release Strategies

12) Musician Productivity and workflow

I’ve taken the time to shape the contents here so that you get up to speed quickly, and aren’t left with a lot of patchy information from all over. It is designed as a definitive source for musicians looking to take their music careers to the next level. As much fun as it is to record and tweak and buy new plugins, i’ve decided not to stray too far from the primary mission which is to help musicians build a full-time career, a loyal fan base, leverage the tools and technologies for growing your music business, and teach you what you need to know to step your game up starting now. There are a large array of other sources for geeking out over home recording and music production-and i will link to what i consider to be the best of the best for each defined criteria.

With growing your music business in the modern world, there is a logical and proven sequence of steps to take, that is DIFFERENT from traditional wisdom and conventional advice on the topic. So over time i’ve carefully laid out an infrastructure to frame up proven strategies, key concepts, mindsets, thinking patterns, and beliefs to challenge from new perspectives. I’ve done this out of personal necessity and then for my clients and students to be able to digest a lot of expertise very quickly, and to help you both improve your productivity and your creativity through structure.

To get started and to get to know each other more, please go ahead and grab your Music Business Growth Package below.

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