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“I even print some of your writings and put them on my fridge… You should sell fridge magnets.” Dabin Lamm

Again, it is my privilege and pleasure to serve you.

For those of you who are new to me, here is a little bit of my track record and what others have to say about me.

If you are interested in enlisting my services and want to know more, i can happily provide references for you to call and talk to as well.

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Many find out the hard way, that it’s a dizzying and dangerous jungle out there! Through a lot of pain, frustration, confusion, and financial investment they learn that they need a more effective strategy, a detailed plan, and better accountability.

“I couldn’t have done it without you, you’ve been absolutely brilliant, and a gift that showed up at just the right time. I’ve worked with MULTIPLE big name GURU’s, paid many thousands of dollars to “work with them,” only to feel like I was left with a partial picture, and not much better off than before. I got a head full of incomplete information and training, and no one took me by the hand to really create a custom experience and regiment for me, to truly give me the support, guidance, and insight that I really needed.”

“Your training has focused me in a way that NO ONE has been able to before. You’ve been the person to “connect the dots” and guide me through the completion of the project that is my life’s work. I have learned invaluable lessons and strategies for creating and leveraging my content, sharing my message, and fully wrapping my head around online marketing. I am an expert, a coach, a speaker and a spiritual teacher. I have a wall full of credentials and I needed someone to help me make sense of how to make sense out of the marketing, product creation, and business aspects of making my mark on the world… You have had a profound impact on my business and my life. God Bless.” Toni Lamotta

The Midlife Mentor,

“Your specialized coaching and consulting has been a gift that has changed my life. You have helped me build a sustainable business, optimize my web presence, learn the foundation for creatively marketing my content, AND finally launching my first original album… all in the space of just over one YEAR. Amazing. Thank You!” Spencer Michaud

“Like I said before this has been a blessing from the sky (Well the web) LoL & is so far moving me DEF. in the right direction. These words of wisdom & advice is DEF. what i NEDED in these tough times of my life. To have someone as special as Jamie to come along & share this information is NOTHING NO ONE should EVER take advantage of.” Justin Mass

““Jamie possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise-a true marketing genius! He provided step-by-instructions for making the most of my online presence. He tailors all of his advice to the specific needs of the client, so nothing was generic. I was extremely impressed with the scope of Jamie’s skills and ideas. I highly recommend Jamie’s services, if you are looking for someone to help you take your business to the next level.” July 23, 2012” Donna Erickson

A Flair For Writing

“I just didn’t know how to put everything together. I was spending too long to produce products. I didn’t know and was uncomfortable with the marketing aspects, and I just didn’t know how to drive targeted traffic to a sales funnel that works!”

“You have been an invaluable resource, and are my secret weapon to demystify and show me what I need to know and do with all this online marketing stuff so that I can just focus more time doing the things I love, rather than trying to learn and apply bits and pieces from all over and never really make massive progress.” Dr. Jackie Black

“Jamie Leger, thank you so much for your brilliant guidance. I am so grateful to have found you! You are making an important contribution to the world and to all the people who benefit from your leadership & wisdom.” Patricia Panther

“I love your approach and I trust you.” Patty Kelley

The Change Teacher

“This is wonderful! You seem to have answers to questions I haven’t even yet come up with- in this internet jungle.” @ladyloverebel

“Thank God you’re making the artist savvy about the biz side, but not sacrificing their heartfelt honesty in their product! Keep up the good work!” Betty Curtis

“So I (did what you advised me to )put up an ad on Craigslist for mixing and mastering for $50/hour, as we discussed–and within 5 minutes, I was talking to the manager of a recording artist, for an 8 song deal. Just sent a sample of my style over to the artist.

Pretty cool!

Thank you for the direction and kick in the butt!!” Jamil Hai

“God Bless you, Jamie!! That was the answer I was looking for!! Thank you Thank you!! And I hope that your music career is going reallyyyy well too!!” Tony Brown

“Just from the info you’ve been giving me it has helped a whole lot. I can see the changes in my life & all I can say is THANK YOU!” Justin Mass

“Thank you so much for your unwavering dedication! Truly Inspired Yours truly,” Nadine Merrick aka Ms Merrick (Artist)

“Your tips and advice are priceless.

Thanks, again.”

Luv, Mia Scotia

“Wow, you surprise the hell out of me! Your DIY Indie Artists article was incredible.

Keep Up The Good Work.” Dusty

I absolutely love what you are delivering to me!
I wait patiently for your emails to go forward…”

“One technique I took from one of your emails that works like a charm-is having the crowd pull out their phones and sending me their emails as soon as I get on stage to perform so I can send them a free song. I have started to build a mailing list, and I just recently found a program/site to use to maintain it and send the emails out with. It’s a great technique, and I can’t believe I never thought of it before so I thank you for sharing the idea. I now follow you on Twitter as well.” Beau B

“I just read your entire Musicpreneur Manifesto…I couldn’t stop reading…Thought I was just going to peruse for a bit, ended up sitting there for an hour soaking it in…Incredible stuff, so much to learn.” Ryan Hughes

“Jamie I wanted to say Thank You again. As I follow the missions and your straight to the point lessons I’m sure my priority management will get better and I will truly begin to see my business, brand and passion for music flourish.

CLARITY and FOCUS is the key. On to the next mission” Wesley Fullwood

“I really appreciate all that you have offered to us here, it is really, really valuable.” Jamil Hai


“I just want to send a huge thank you to you for your service. I am so excited with each email I get from you because for some reason I feel as though “this is it.” This is exactly what I needed. I appreciate all this hard work you have put into this and the fact your are helping people like me for free simply blows me away. I can’t express my gratitude in words, but I’m extremely thankful for being able to find this course and be able to be a part of it. Thank you sincerely friend,” Ryan Stoll

“So far I’m finding your content very valuable. To be honest it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.” Bryn James

“Thank you first, secondly I have researched and read every word you have written and listened to your videos.  I have spoken of you and sent an email to people that are interested about what I told them about you and the fact that I am impressed.

Thanks for all you are doing.”

Michael H. Michael H.

“I’m writing to let you know that I absolutely admire what you are doing/or willing to do and the services and expertise that you are offering to us. So, in a nutshell and without any hesitation, I just want to tell you:


“Thanks a million for the insight! Just joined the academy and I’m following the missions daily!” Quinton

“First off I’d like to say WOW! You have succeeded in blowing my mind and simultaneously inspiring me in less than 500 words!

I can’t help but think you may be an answer to prayers.” Minka W.

“Seriously this is comparable to you having written a symphony, and breaking all the rules with its debut.

Many great composers were booed when they produced something of great magnitude and with a different sound as you are and leading the way.” Evan Wish

“I Thank you for spilling your valuable information that took many hard years to understand and uncover. I Hate to sound selfish but it saves me a lifetime and helps me stay on course, looking ahead and keeps my gears moving very fast!

Thank You So Much,” Levi Brewer

“You’ve changed my out look on a lot of my marketing techniques, and I feel like you could really take me to the next level in order to get the audience I want at an accelerated rate.” Walter S.

“This was a WONDERFUL experience & helped me learn EVEN more about myself. Doing a KILLER job Jamie. Appreciate It ALL! You are helping me on my step forward in my journey & when I reach the peak you got to come backstage to one of my shows and experience Justin Mass! You & This Program Are A BLESSING!” Justin

“Things have already started to improve, measurably. The more I think about it the more evidence I see that this whole “you create your own reality by what you focus on” thing is the real deal – and I also believe certain people act as catalysts in this process, and you certainly fit the bill there.

Now I’m going to be collaborating with a TV/Film producer on some projects. Licensing some of my own work to him, but also recording local bands and getting their stuff out there. The producer is well aware of the extremely symbiotic nature of this potential partnership and is equally excited about the possibility of helping local musicians (he’s one himself).” Josh Maitland

“#1 on google in my industry…Thanks Jamie!” Mike Tannenbaum

“I’ve basically changed our companies entire marketing strategy and direction thanks to your advice and guidance. Thanks again my friend.” JP Narowski


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